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Main points potential employees are rated on

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Job interviews can be nerve-racking regardless if you are a fresh graduate entering the work arena for the first time or a professional seeking for new opportunities.

In this era of tough competition for the right lucrative job opportunities, you need to be creative to land your dream job.

Not only does your curriculum vitae have to be attractive enough for an interview call, you should also plan to be successful in tackling every of the interviewer's questions.

Here are the main points the interviewer will rate you on:


This might go without saying - if you are late for the interview, you will be rated down. Make sure to arrive at least 15 minutes before the specified time.


The most common question asked is: "How do you know about the company?"

When you intend to work for a company, you need to know what kind of company it is.

Thus, information about the company is one of the most important things you need to know about before going for the interview.


"How do you find your skills match with the job role?"

"Tell me your related experience in this field."

It is important to recognise your skills and expertise so that you can use these strengths to contribute to the company.

Make sure you apply for a job that is relevant to your skills and experience to have a higher chance of being hired.


Control your tone when you answer, and do not speak too quickly or too slowly.

Speak up only when you are asked or after the interviewer finishes his inquiry as it is rude to interrupt someone.

Interviewers also pay attention to posture, gesture and expression. They will know if a candidate is confident, assured, nervous, confused or doubtful.


Physical appearance is the easiest thing from which we can assess someone's personality.

It is therefore important to present yourself properly attired to catch your interviewer's attention.

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