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People should be able to use lifts without feeling threatened

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I can't agree more that big dogs should not be allowed to use lifts in condominiums.

The presence of a big dog (and sometimes more than one) in such a confined space can be stressful for other users, especially the elderly and young children.

I recently had an unpleasant experience when a big dog was brought into the lift I was already in with my four-year-old.

The dog, almost the same height as my boy, started to bark and was straining on its leash towards us. My boy was terrified and started crying and it took us quite a while to pacify him.

I have come across the same dog several times after this and have been barked at. I have avoided taking the same lift with the dog again.

I fully appreciate the reasons for some to keep pet dogs but the right of other residents to take the lift without feeling threatened should also be fully respected.


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