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Planning a career change?

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Reasons for a career change may come in many forms.

Maybe you have decided to leave the office workforce and start working from home for more flexibility.

Maybe you just want to have a change of environment, or you might feel that there isn't any growth where you are.

Here are some tips on making that switch:

Find out the root cause of your change of heart.

Decide on what you really want to do.

Ask yourself, "Where do I want myself to be 20 years from now?"

It doesn't mean that you have to do the same job.

Pay attention to your hobbies. Maybe, by looking at them in a different perspective, you will get your dream job.

Set a timeframe.

Set goals towards meeting your target, then set a timeframe to achieve those goals.

This will allow you to keep track of your progress and have a clear idea of how long your finances can last.

Seek help.

Ask for guidance and advice from friends or relatives who have worked in several companies.

Besides getting help, you can also get insights on how to handle your problem.

Re-educate yourself.

Many people are afraid to step out of their comfort zones. They may not feel confident because they think they are too old to compete with other newbies.

But, what really matters is your desire to learn.

You cannot change your age, but you can change your attitude and add lots to your knowledge.

You've got the professionalism, the work ethic - all you need to work on is your knowledge and skills.

Be flexible.

Once you land that dream job, there is a possibility you will draw a lower salary than previously.

No matter how difficult this will be at first, keep in mind that these are just tests.

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