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United Airlines fiasco: Those responsible must go, rules must change

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United Airlines incident: Those responsible must go, rules must change

I read the article "Flying the friendly skies... not" by Ms Meher Tatna (The New Paper, April 17) with great interest.

I still cannot believe the pictures of the poor guy being pulled out of the plane. Are we really living in the 21st century, in a civilised world? Hard to believe after those pictures went public.

From my point of view, no apologies or compensation can make good for what happened.

There is only one conclusion, that the guys responsible for this, starting from the top, should resign or get fired.

And the regulations should be changed immediately.

I have made only two trips on United Airlines, with the same kind of horrible experiences that Ms Tatna and others have spoken of.

I will never forget the first trip. While on the flight, which was over 16 hours, I asked an attendant for some snacks, only to get this response - why did I not buy some food on my own?

The second time, my flight was cancelled and I was left stranded in Atlanta for a night without access to my luggage. I had a business class ticket but was treated as a budget airline customer.

My conclusion was very simple: No more United, whatever it takes.

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