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Your Views: Syonan Gallery

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Call Syonan Gallery 'calamity' instead

If the gallery at the war museum was created by the Japanese for the people in their own country, then I would have nothing to say ("Revamped war museum's name sparks questions"; Feb 10).

But in this instance, this is our gallery - to show Singaporeans the atrocities and humiliation our people, especially the Chinese, suffered during the Japanese Occupation.

What was 'light' to the Japanese was 'calamity' to the people of Singapore.

I suggest that the name be changed to shounan and zainan, which means "calamity" in Chinese; or simply "The Japanese Occupation Gallery".


Name is a great insult to Singapore

The name Syonan is a great insult to Singapore and Singaporeans ("Revamped war museum's name sparks questions"; Feb 10).

We must not forget the war crimes of the Japanese during World War II and the immense suffering Japan inflicted on our forefathers.

This is Singapore's history and we need to tell our descendants what their forefathers experienced.


Water price hikes should be a last resort

I hope the Minister for the Environment and Water Resources will consider sustainable measures to curb water wastage ("Price of water will go up to ensure sustainable supply"; Feb 8).

I appreciate that the price of water has not been adjusted for the last 17 years, but I believe that a water conservation campaign is a better way to educate people in Singapore not to waste water.

Regardless of whether a family living in a three-room HDB flat comprises of four or eight people, the monthly tariff for the first 40 cubic m is priced at $1.17 per cubic m and, thereafter, $1.40 per cubic m plus a hefty water conservation tax.

A suggestion is to have an incremental price mechanism to prevent wastage, such as a 50 per cent and 100 per cent water conservation tax for a household that uses more than 80 cubic m and 120 cubic m of water per month respectively, rather than penalising all households.

Singapore already has a lower water consumption per capita per day (151 litres) compared with Hong Kong and Taiwan, and our water costs five to 7.5 times more.

There is a minimum amount of water a person needs daily - for drinking, bathing, washing and so on.

So it is unrealistic for Professor Asit Biswas to say that there should be a yearly increment of the water tariff to reduce consumption ("Water users worried but see need to curb wastage"; Feb 8).

Non-household users must look at recycling water or consider building water tanks to keep rain water for specific uses to reduce water wastage.

Price increases should be used only as a last resort to ensure a sustainable water supply.

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