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PHILIP TAN: Name gallery after Lim Bo Seng

I refer to the articles about the controversy surrounding the name Syonan Gallery.

A building is usually named after someone or something that we respect.

When our family business completed a new building in 2012, we named it after our mother who died in 2010.

The business was started by her, and it was her wisdom that got us children involved in building it up.

It would be unimaginable for us to name our building after someone or something that caused the downfall of our business.

The Syonan name is similarly inappropriate in terms of the emotions it evokes.

Instead, may I suggest giving due respect to our World War II hero Lim Bo Seng.

We could still retain a reference to this period, if necessary. For example, it could be the Lim Bo Seng Gallery, with a tagline "Memories of Syonan".

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