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Keep crows out of Sungei Buloh

I write with regard to the reported increase in the number of crows at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve.

I hope the authorities, working closely with groups that monitor such birds, move in quickly to put a stop to this, especially as it involves this beloved wetland reserve.

And especially as it puts little herons at great risk.

If the crow numbers are allowed to increase, their mob instincts heighten and they could begin to harass other species, even raiding their nests.

That could leave the area all the poorer for it, as more vulnerable bird species become discouraged from nesting there, when there is a high degree of risk to their attempts at building a home and raising their young.

Removing the possibility of the crows finding Sungei Buloh conducive to their needs would certainly help.

As would ensuring they never come back, with long-term preventive measures put in place.

It is important that the balance not be upset if we are to preserve a vital piece of our natural heritage.


Carry security alarm in deserted areas

I was shocked to read "Worker denies attacking woman" (The New Paper, May 17) about an alleged rape that took place near a MacRitchie Reservoir trail in February 2015.

The woman managed to contact her boyfriend, now husband, after the attack.

But those who go alone to deserted areas should take precautions to protect themselves. It would be advisable for them to carry a portable personal alarm, which can come with a flashlight. If they feel threatened, they can set off the alarm to alert passers-by, and possibly scare off the potential attacker.

This can help prevent such crimes.

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