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A life dedicated to others

I write with regard to a book being published about Puan Noor Aishah, the first First Lady of Singapore.

She has been a resident of our quiet neighbourhood in Siglap for as long as I can remember.

Living just around the corner, we see her often. She was a good friend of my parents' before their passing.

She always has time for others, with her warm, friendly and humble demeanour. One cannot help but want to talk to her.

She stood by her husband and children for so long, never forgetting them or their needs.

In the same way, she also served the state, especially in its growing-up years.

She played the part of First Lady to perfection, becoming the strength and pillar of Singapore's first president.

There were many who looked up to her, tried to emulate her and sought her counsel.

She never forgot where she came from. And that has kept her going all these years, even now at age 84.

So it is good to capture her story in a book, which all can turn to to understand.

It is about the efforts and sacrifices of one of those loyal and dedicated citizens who helped those in government guide an unsure nation to find its feet.

Her story should be recommended reading at all institutions of learning.