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Ban heavy vehicles from Orchard Road

The recent attacks in Berlin, Zurich and Ankara are stark reminders to not let our guard down against global terrorism ("Europe on high security alert after day of terror"; Dec 21).

Our officers at entry points across the island have to be extra vigilant. Terrorists will seek to inflict maximum harm at public places such as hotels, shopping centres, night spots and airports, as well as at major social events.

While we should go on our daily activities and not be paranoid, we should also treat unusual situations with suspicion and err on the side of caution.

The authorities might wish to consider not permitting heavy vehicles in Orchard Road, where there is a high concentration of shoppers and merrymakers.


Deploy drones to patrol roads

Traffic enforcement authorities here should consider deploying drones to ensure all roads are organised and motorists adhere to parking regulations.

Drones can be deployed at all times, with infra-red thermal capabilities to see in the dark.

They can cover a wide area and not be caught in traffic jams, arriving at the scene faster.

Unlike static speed cameras, drones can appear anywhere and at any time.

They will be an effective tool to deter offences like speeding and road hogging.

Drones can spot road offences in real time and can take photos with built-in cameras.

They can be equipped with global positioning satellite systems to record the exact location of the offence.

Drones can be also remotely controlled, easing the number of frontline officers needed.