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PSLE result should not decide our children's future

I am delighted to read that the Ministry of Education is making significant changes to the PSLE exams, "Parents must play part in transforming education system" (Dec 28, The New Paper).

Parents here have the misconception that only when their children excel in the PSLE will they be able to become successful in their careers.

This is not the case always - my cousin did not score well in the PSLE but is now the managing director of a large real estate company in Hong Kong.

He did not like to study and always failed all his subjects, but he liked reading so much that his mum did not give up on him. Instead, she bought him a lot of books.

And when he went for an interview for the job of clerk in the aforementioned real estate company, he aced it with his fluent and sharp answers.

Today, he is often interviewed by Chinese and English newspapers regarding his road to success.

A good school should not only focus on the PSLE results of students. Rather, it should develop its students holistically.

This will ignite their passion and help them develop traits such as kindness, consideration, humbleness and discipline.

Hopefully, in time, parents will come to accept that the PSLE result is just a number and it does not decide the future of their children.

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