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Your views: Chicken cull episode hardly speaks well of us

This article is more than 12 months old

I write with regard to "Crying foul over Sin Ming fowl cull" (The New Paper, Feb 4).

We love to eat chicken, making chicken rice a national dish. Yet some of us loathe them when they make noise.

And we resort to culling them to deal with the complaints about them being a nuisance.

Yet, not too long ago when kampungs were everywhere, chickens roamed freely, we thought nothing of it.

What has become of us since, as we seem to lash out at the slightest inconvenience?

As we have become more affluent, we have also become spoilt and unwilling to give and take.

This does not bode well for the creation of a caring nation.

We must accept that animals and plants have always been with us, and that they serve a purpose.

If we were to rid this island of them altogether, what would we be left with? Just steel, concrete and glass, and not much else.

It is time Singaporeans learn to appreciate the things that come naturally, especially as there is not much left of them, and understand the realities of losing them completely.

Why not get out and smell the roses and listen to the occasional cluck or crow of the chicken or jungle fowl.

It wouldn't hurt to do so, and it would prove that we are human after all.

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