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Your views: E-bike riders must be more responsible

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The regulations to be placed on e-bikes are timely ("Registration, plates for e-bikes to boost safety"; Jan 11).

The number of personal mobility devices has increased greatly because of the wide availability of the devices, and their ease of use and affordable prices.

These devices are also more environment-friendly and help to lessen the dependence on cars.

But these users must exercise greater responsibility.

Many do not honour the speed limit.

It is also not uncommon to spot parents ferrying their children to school in the morning on personal mobility devices.

At times, three people can be crammed onto one device.

Another irresponsible act is the fixing of bright, white LED lights onto the front of the vehicles.

At night, these lights are dazzling, like strobe lights.

They can easily blind oncoming pedestrians, joggers, cyclists and other such users.

I hope the authorities will take these factors into consideration when drafting the regulations.

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