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Your views: How to manage 'choping' situation

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Stop 'choping', start sharing

I write with regard to the debate raging over "choping" in food centres.

I am surprised that some Singaporeans still think the practice of reserving seats is all right. It is not. It is unbecoming and does not reflect well on us.

It is time we gave up this attitude of having to be first to everything. It is selfish behaviour, indicating immaturity and perhaps insecurity.

We should have more regard for others, and a willingness to share. It would help if there are more acts of common decency on this little island of ours. - MANORAJ RAJATHURAI

Form anti-choping squad

It will require great effort and radical measures to eradicate this problem.

Choping in itself is not wrong. If I am alone, how else can I get a seat during peak hours?

Having more people carrying their food and walking around looking for a seat will only make our food centres more chaotic.

What is wrong is an unwillingness to share. Some chope an entire table with several seats when only two are using it to eat a bowl of noodles each.

Enforcement officers - call them an anti-choping squad - should stop this and make sure food centres keep functioning smoothly and efficiently. - PHILLIP TAN FONG LIP

How about choping coupons?

While choping is seen as selfish behaviour, it becomes necessary as many office workers have only a limited time for lunch and have to rush back to work.

Perhaps patrons can be issued with some sort of coupons, similar to parking coupons.

Each coupon should be for no more than 15 minutes. Those who need a table for longer should pay more.

This will prevent fights and reduce waiting times. - EUNICE LI DAN YUE

Put in chest-high tables

There will always be a blame game between those choping seats and those waiting for seats.

One partial solution would be to add chest-high tables where those who want a quick meal can stand and eat.

This would save space and keep people moving. - ALAN TAN

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