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Your views: Impose upper age limit for drivers

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I refer to the report "Nabbed for driving against traffic" (The New Paper, Jan 7).

Among the three drivers assisting the police with investigations is an 85-year-old man who allegedly drove against traffic along Bedok North Street 1 on Dec 28.

This brings up an issue: Why is there no upper age limit for drivers in Singapore?

Once we reach 60, our hands and legs start to lose flexibility. Our eyes may not see as clearly, and our ears start to not hear properly. To allow this group of people to drive is already risky, let alone an 85-year-old man.

Elderly drivers cannot quickly control and analyse road situations, which are unexpected at times. When they are not paying attention - for example, closing their eyes for a few minutes when waiting for a change in traffic lights - accidents can occur.

Of course, they do not do this deliberately. It is because they tend to get tired easily, even when they drive for just a short period of time.

So in my view, Singapore should pass a law that forbids people above 75 from driving.

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