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Your views: Increase in premiums worrying/ Don't allow dogs for flat dwellers

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Increase in premiums worrying

The news that premiums for Integrated Shield health insurance plans have been raised by as much as 37 per cent is worrying.

It is indisputable that claims and costs have increased since 2013 when the premiums were last revised. But to mitigate the impact of higher premiums, some insurers have offered higher annual claim limits and longer pre- and post-hospitalisation cover.

Such tactics will lead to higher claims and this will inevitably be followed by premiums being adjusted upwards again to offset rising costs.

If one's health has changed after a policy is purchased, it will be extremely difficult to obtain the same cover with another insurer.


Don't allow dogs for flat dwellers

I refer to the report on the issue of dogs taking passenger lifts ("Uproar over dogs and lifts at Killiney condo", The New Paper, Dec 3) and the reactions from readers that followed.To me, dogs should not be allowed in flats to begin with.

Then we won't be facing this problem of having big dogs in lifts, and a host of other problems like dog poo at void decks and barking at night.

Dogs need a garden and lots of space. Those who live in flats must understand they cannot have certain things - like a personal swimming pool or a car porch right outside their door.

Why complicate things when life is already stressful enough for all?