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Your Views: 'Pay as you throw' may lead to more littering

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Your views

There have occasionally been bags of rubbish dumped outside the chute in the common corridor of my Housing Board block.

Some of these rubbish bags contained food waste.

As the chute faces my unit, my family has had to clear up the mess.

We had to put these bags into the rubbish chute and then pour soap water on the greasy floor for the sake of hygiene.

If the National Environment Agency's "Pay-as-you-throw" ideas were to be implemented, more HDB residents are likely to dump their waste outside rubbish chutes.

And those in flats close to the chutes will suffer.

There could be cockroaches and mosquitoes breeding if the rubbish outside the chutes is not promptly cleared away.

Town councils are likely to receive more complaints about the littering outside rubbish chutes. And town council cleaners may have to clear rubbish outside every chute in HDB blocks every day.