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Your views: Preserve icons that build history

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I grew up in a shophouse on Weld Road and, as a child, used to run among the lanes that formed the Thieves Market, which was much bigger then.

We have lost so many landmarks over the years that I feel displaced as a citizen.

Now, the Sungei Road flea market is the next icon to bite the dust ("Sungei Road flea market to make way for future homes", The Straits Times, Feb 15).

The market has been around for about 80 years and has been a constant magnet for peddlers and those who come to browse and buy.

I understand that in this land-scarce country, we cannot afford to be too sentimental with regard to how we use our limited resources.

But we have to bear in mind that a society is defined by its culture, culture is strongly influenced by history and history is built, in part, by icons.

I appeal to the National Environment Agency and the agencies involved to rethink the decision to close the Sungei Road flea market.

What is the point of closing it down, forcing the hawkers out, then documenting and preserving memories of the site?

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