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Your views: Surge pricing? Cab companies should make fare system simpler

This article is more than 12 months old

I read with dismay about taxi companies' plans to introduce surge pricing ("Metered fares likely even as cab firms plan for surge pricing"; The Straits Times; March 9).

The end result is a price increase and more confusing fares.

The complex fare system is a millstone around commuters' necks, being both difficult to understand and representative of pricier rides.

This adds to the dissatisfaction because customers are unable to get cabs when they need them.

The taxi operators seem to be trying to charge more for an unreliable service.

It would not be surprising if more customers leave and flock to the private-hire car services.

For taxi operators, the right thing to do is to simplify fares and have one fare throughout the day, like in many other countries.

Then, they should monitor the operations to ensure that there are cabs available.

Exhortations by the people for operators to do better seem to have fallen on deaf ears.

If taxi companies do not understand commuters' needs, they must be prepared to see a rise in the number of unhired cabs idling in carparks.