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Your views: Time for Japan, and the world to move on

This article is more than 12 months old

I write with regard to "Shrine visit threatens goodwill" (Dec 31, The New Paper).

Living in the past never helps anyone, especially if it is one best left forgotten.

Passions are stirred in the West and Asia and old wounds open up whenever Japanese officials visit the Yasukuni Shrine, which honours 14 Class A war criminals and 2.5 million Japanese war dead.

Its aggression in World War II brought suffering and death to many, whose descendents still remember.

However, Japan has made significant strides since that unfortunate period.It should never be revisited, ever.

It brought out the worst in mankind, such that the painful memories still linger after more than seven decades.


Japan, meanwhile, has made so much progress as a modern society. But that must mean never returning to the brutality that once existed.

It must show it is remorseful and willing to embrace the world, to ensure future generations can work towards the progress of humanity.

It should be all about winning friends and influencing people, following a path that keeps peace, and allows for the growth of Asia.

In turn, the world will reciprocate. And that will ensure that future generations enjoy the benefits.

It comes with coexisting with and respecting the world, and doing all that is right to win its trust.

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