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Your views: We must be level-headed and show solidarity

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I write with regard to "Bloody start to festive period" (The New Paper, Dec 21).

Yet another terrorist attack, this time in Germany. That is why it is reassuring to note that we continue to stage exercises that prepare us for what to do in the event of one.

But how sure can we be that we will be able to cope?

Those who lose loved ones, or whose family members are wounded, will be emotional and will find it difficult to hold back.

But there must be those who can counsel them and help them realise the futility of lashing out.

The next question is whether we would be able to recover from an attack quickly enough.

What sort of contingency plan is in place?

Other major cities have experienced it, and have come back stronger for it.

Are we in a similar position to do the same?

Singaporeans will have to be level-headed and show solidarity in the face of such intimidation by banding together to help each other.

This we must train for, with campaigns being launched to make people understand what is required should there be such an attack.

As this has happened many times elsewhere, we must make it part of our study.

We must especially pay heed to those parts of the world where people have not allowed it to impact them, coming together to pay tribute to those who have fallen, and helping those scarred by it.

We must be able to rise up and work together after such an incident, which many say is not a matter of if, but rather when.

We must show that we have the character as a nation to bounce back as one and not be broken.

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