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Want to shop at Sim Lim Square? Here are some tips from our readers

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Have you had a bad experience after shopping at Sim Lim Square?

If you have, you're not alone. 

A shop there recently made headlines after it refunded a customer $1,010 in coins.

In a poll we conducted yesterday (Nov 3), 154 people (63 per cent) said their experience shopping at the mall was negative. 

Furthermore, an overwhelming 82 per cent of those who took the poll said they would not recommend Sim Lim Square to anyone else.

Why? Many readers claimed that the sellers at Sim Lim Square tend to overcharge and also indulge in a lot of hard-selling.

Others also cited the bad attitudes of the salespeople there claiming that they were "rude".

One recounted:

I took my hard drive to be repaired at a shop there, and I was told I would be able to get it back the following day. However, I still hadn't heard anything two days later. Long story short - it has now been three months and they are constantly using the 'one more week' excuse."

Another also talked about how a seller conned him:

"Bought a Sony PlayStation Portable as a gift for a friend only to realise that the set was actually a used one. It was obvious as the set had a decal sticker on and the Sony logo was scratched. It was embarrassing to have to go with my friend to demand an exchange."


But if you did go there, these tips, courtesy of our readers, could be useful:

One popular tip was to avoid the shops on the first and second floor.


And if you're looking for gadgets, don't go to Sim Lim Square. Instead, go there if you're looking for computer parts.

And if you're a newbie, do not go alone.

And always do your homework before heading down.

What are some of your bad experiences?

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