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WATCH: Tourist survives fall off mountain in Sri Lanka

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He was a newlywed who was too eager to capture a shot of his new bride atop Sri Lanka's main tourist attraction, the 4,000 feet (1,219 m) mountain called World's End.

The Daily Mail reported that the smitten Dutch man stepped back a little too much to get a better view of his wife through the camera lens.

Mr Mamitho Lendas, 35, ended up plummeting off the edge of the mountain into the wilderness below.

Everyone before him who had suffered the same fall ended up dead.

But thanks to a tree that broke his fall, Mr Lendas narrowly escaped death.

Watch as Sri Lankan troops come to Mr Lendas' rescue:



Brigadier Jayanath Jayaweera, a spokesman for the Sri Lankan Army, said: "He was extremely lucky because he fell on top of a tree about 130 feet from the top.

"He is the first person to survive a fall from World's End."

Around 40 soldiers were involved in the rescue which included using ropes to reach Mr Lendas and carrying him for 4.8km before he could be sent to the hospital.

His wife, Linda, said she was very thankful he was alive. After Mr Lendas fell, a Canadian couple spent hours talking to him and comforting her until help arrived and the couple thanked the two of them as well as their rescuers.

Mr Lendas, who didn't suffer from any major injuries, said: "It was very scary and very painful as well.

"Then I sat there for three and a half hours - the longest three and a half hours of my life."

Source: Daily Mail, YouTube


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