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Watch: Why do girls join the Singapore Armed Forces? Let them tell you ‪#‎WomenBMT

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Ever wondered what it is like for girls in the Singapore Armed Forces? We certainly have.

Do they go through the same training? Sleep in the same compound? Crawl in the mud? Sleep in ditches? Doodle their faces black and green?

The answer is a resounding yes, by the look of things on Into the Fray: The Making of a Female Soldier, a new web series on cyberpioneerTV.





In the first episode, which premiered on Thursday (Jan 22) at 6pm, the girls shared their reasons for joining the army.

It's something we've always wanted to know.

Guys have to, it's compulsory. But girls don't. So, why oh why?

Here are their replies.

"The reason why I joined the army is because it is a thing I wanted to do since secondary school. It's because i was in NCC (National Cadet Corps​) Air."


"I started to have a passion for flying when I joined Youth Flying Club in year one. Once you've tasted flying, there's no going back, (it's that) kind of thing. You really want it."


"I wanted to be a soldier since I was a kid. You know those kind, like, the kids, they're like, 'I want to be an astronaut, I want to be a fire fighter'. So, I wanted to be a soldier."


"After I did my degree, I went to do an internship. It was then that I realised the corporate world is not for me. So then I decided I'm going to put my foot down. I'm going to do what I really want to do in life. I'm going to join the army."


"I love poems. The ocean brings forth some sort of poetic imagination in me. So then I want to be with the sea, and with the breeze, and just be one with the fishes."


What we really want to see next episode:

Answers to the big biological mystery: What happens when the recruits get cramps or their period? 

Do they choke down painkillers and press on? Or do they get some time out?

Seriously, just tell us. We're dying to know.


Source: CyberpioneerTV

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