WATCH: Young man's rant on high cost of living in S'pore goes viral. Oh, it's a Ch 8 drama

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A 90-second clip of a Channel 8 drama, 118, starring veteran actor Chew Chor Meng, has gone viral online.

It seems a young man's beef about the sky-high costs of living here has resonated with many people.

The footage features a character, played by Xu Bin, lamenting after his father reprimands him for persuading an old neighbour to make money.

Xu Bin's character defends himself, saying that he has to do whatever he can to earn money.

"We have to get married, get a house, have babies. Can we do all of these without money?

And if that's not enough to  convince the patriach, he lists examples.

Do some of the observations made ring a bell?

"The cost of a HDB is at least $300,000 - $400,000 now. Let's talk about the most basic need for spending if were to work in the BD area.

A trip back and forth via MRT is $5-$6. Sometimes we take a taxi if we're rushing for time. ERP alone is $6 - $7. Having lunch, we need at least $5 - $6. Grabbing a cup of coffee from a cafe is $6-$7."

In just four days, the post (uploaded by Channel 8) has been shared more than 9,700 times.

Watch the video below:




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