Wealth of data services with new 3D virtual model of Singapore

This article is more than 12 months old

Unveiled earlier this month by The National Research Foundation (NRF), Virtual Singapore will be a 3D model of the entire country that will be developed based on geometric and image data from various public agencies. It will show virtual 3D replicas of buildings, carparks, roads and other above-ground structures. It will also allow researchers, businesses and members of the public to take advantage of its data-rich features.


Users can develop solutions and run simulations by creating models and realistic scenarios of Singapore. Examples:

  • Telcos can visualise 3G/4G network coverage areas
  • Event organisers can run simulations for crowd control
  • Contingency planning can be done, to evaluate evacuation measures
  • Municipal services and amenities such as carparks and sheltered walkways can be planned
  • Pedestrian flows can be analysed
  • Science research outcomes can be projected


The project is championed by the NRF, the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) and the Infocomm Development Authority. The NRF will develop the project while the SLA will provide topographical mapping data and run Virtual Singapore after its completion in 2017.


2017 The year Virtual Singapore is set to be fully completed.

$73m The amount of money the Singapore National Research Foundation spent on the project, which consists of the 3D city model and collaborative data platform.