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Forms barrierAs Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) officers try to extricate the victim's body, rioters keep surging forward.

Assistant Superintendent (ASP) Jonathan Tang and auxiliary police officers form a cordon near the bus so SCDF officers can do their job.

When police officers arrive, he gets them to use a rope to form a makeshift barrier between bus and mob.

They keep barrier in place until timekeeper Wong Geck Woon and driver Lee Kim Huat are rescued from the bus.

Helps injured officer

ASP Tang is about to drive a police car to pick up Madam Wong and Mr Lee when he sees SCDF officers tending to an injured colleague.

He asks them to get in the car and takes them to ambulance near Rotan Lane.

Escapes in ambulance

After he regroups with about 10 police officers and five SCDF officers, ASP Tang feels it is best to drive to safety in an ambulance.

Just as they are about to ram the ambulance into a police car blocking its way, rioters flipped the car on its side.

ASP Tang tells the ambulance driver to "go, go, go, this is your chance".