What would you pay for that Big Mac sauce?

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Do you love the sauce that McDonald’s puts in its Big Macs?

How much would you pay for it?

Someone in Australia is apparently willing to cough up A$23,100 (S$24,380) for the special sauce.

McDonald's is giving Australians the chance to buy a 500ml bottle of its Big Mac sauce on auction website eBay.

Tagged as a "Limited Edition Big Mac Special Sauce Bottle #1 of 200", proceeds from the sale will go to charities run by the global fast food chain.

“This bottle is #1 of only 200 being produced worldwide, and they won’t be sold in restaurants,” the eBay advertisement reads, adding that the sauce could be used to improve anything from goulash to cupcakes.

McDonald’s said the special sauce was one of the company’s most iconic ingredients, and customers often ask where they can buy it – but until now, it has always been trapped between the buns of a Big Mac.

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“We’re excited to be auctioning off the first-ever bottle of Big Mac sauce for a cause we are passionate about,” McDonald's Australia's chief marketing officer Mark Lollback said.

The auction for the sauce – whose ingredients are known to include relish, mustard, distilled vinegar, onion, garlic and salted egg yolks – will run until Feb 9.

Australian customers of McDonald’s will also be able to buy 25ml tubs of special sauce at restaurants around the country in February, the company said.

Source: AFP

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