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Woman divorces hubby for always wanting things perfect

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He never showed any sign of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) during their courtship.

But once married, Siti, 37, was shocked to learn of her husband's unrelenting obsession on cleanliness and everything else.   

"We argued almost every day. Sometimes even before he stepped into the house, he would already be screaming because the shoes were not arranged the way he wanted them," said Siti, who is from Kuala Lumpur. 

Her former husband, who in his 40s, would scrutinise all corners of the house - from windows to kitchenware. 

"He insisted that a chair must be pulled out or pushed without noise. At the dining table, the tableware must be arranged according to the dishes, for example, sambal in a small dish," she said.

"If a fish was placed near vegetables or a beef dish, he would get upset."

Banned from ironing

Among other extreme rules, laundry had to be arranged according to types when hung on a clothesline.   

She was also banned from ironing his clothes as it is not up to his standards. 

The couple tried to salvage their marriage by attending counselling sessions but it proved ineffective.  

"During the sessions, he was defensive. We ended up going our separate ways in 2012," said Siti.

Source: The Star Online

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