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Woman sends robot to queue for her iPhone 6s

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iPhone 6s is finally out and a droid in Sydney was among the first few in Australia to get their hands on the new Apple phone on Friday (Sept 25).

The droid's owner, Ms Lucy Kelly, controlled it remotely from her home and watched it through an iPad screen, reported Mail Online.

Ms Kelly, 22, was third in line at the Sydney store after setting  up her robot at 5am on Thursday (Sept 24), 27 hours before they went on sale.

The droid was one of the first inside before being taken upstairs — via a lift — to buy the phone.

She was quoted as saying that she used the robot because she wanted to go to work and also wanted to avoid the rain and freezing temperatures overnight.

Apple enthusiasts in Sydney pitched their tents on the footpath outside the Apple store, some since Thursday morning. PHOTO: Reuters

The robot, now called Lucy the Robot, belongs to Ms Kelly's company, Atomic 212, a full service media group in Australia.

It is described on the company's website as "a telepresence device which is essentially a screen on wheels, complete with microphone, camera, and video screen".

"Lucy the Robot is proof that technology is changing the way humans interact with each other."

In Singapore, there was a queue for Apple's latest product despite the worsening haze.

Dam Le Quang Hien (far left) was the first in the queue for the iPhone 6S. The haze did not deter him and his group of 30 friends, and they were there since 2pm on Thursday. PHOTO: PHYLLICIA WANG

The haze went past the 300-mark for the first time this year on Thursday (Sept 24) evening.

Queues Around the World

In Paris:

People wait to enter an Apple store on the day of the official launch of the iPhone 6s,on Friday (Sept 25). PHOTO: AFP

In Tokyo:

Apple employees react as the first customers arrive to buy the new iPhone 6s at their flagship store on Friday (Sept 25). PHOTO: AFP

In Beijing:

First customers, security guards and Apple store staff wait for Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus to go on sale on Friday (Sept 25). PHOTO: REUTERS  

Sources: Mail Online

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