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2 years' jail for teacher who slapped girl for not eating kimchi

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Her action shocked a nation: The teacher was caught on camera slapping a 4-year-old child so hard that she flew across the room.

The incident took place in January this year when the girl was forced to eat her kimchi but spat it out

The 33-year-old teacher, whom netizens identified by the surname Yang, has been charged with child abuse. 


This week, the Incheon District Court sentenced the educator to two years imprisonment for assault and child abuse

She also has to attend 120 hours of a child abuse program.

The judge said of the teacher who taught at a childcare centre one hour west of Seoul

"The defendant should have watched over the safety and health of the children of the daycare as a teacher. 

"Instead she lost their trust in the serious crime she committed." 

He came to the decision after "also (considering) the victim's suffering as a high level of abuse". 

Investigators said the teacher admitted she punched the child but said it was part of discipline measures to correct the child's bad habit.

She had denied the prosecution's charges of emotional abuse.

The court, however, said of the remaining charges: 

"When we look at the age of the victims, the act was severe and excessive.

"The act was equivalent to inflicting emotional abuse and affecting the emotional and physical health of the victims." 

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Other similar incidents:

1) Toddler gets swollen ear in childcare centre

 A nursery teacher at this Orchard Road centre allegedly abused the children physically.  PHOTO: NP FILE

Two girls were reportedly manhandled by a teacher at a childcare centre in Orchard Road.

They had swollen ears and red scratches on their cheeks. One traumatised girl had to be coaxed into revealing how she got the swollen ear.

The principal met the affected toddlers' parents last month.

The teacher, who is new, has been suspended.

Police investigations are ongoing.


2) Ex-teacher jailed 3 weeks for manhandling boy

She was sentenced to jail for grabbing and pulling the two-year-old. PHOTO: NTUC FIRST CAMPUS CO-OPERATIVE

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She had been tasked with looking after a group of 10 children, including the boy, at My First Skool childcare centre in Toa Payoh in July 2013.

The playgroup she looked after was busy assembling for an activity while the boy continued running about the classroom.

So she spoke to him, grabbed him then pulled him to a corner before heaving him backwards.

He suffered a fracture in his left leg and had to be taken to hospital.

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