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Adults-only twerk party at family theme park sparks outrage

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A private party held at a family theme park has a local community in New Jersey fuming after videos of the event featuring raunchy dance moves emerged online.

The Clementon Park and Splashworld was booked for a charity function on May 16 for more than 800 guests.

However, things took an ugly turn when videos from the event were uploaded on social media featuring skimpily-dressed women dancing suggestively.

Some of the dance moves included twerking - a move which singer Miley Cyrus made famous and which involves grinding in a sexually-suggestive way



Clementon Park opens to the public for its 108th season on Friday, May 22, 2015. A private company purchased the use of...

Posted by Clementon Park & Splash World on Monday, 18 May 2015


Other videos also showed fights breaking out at the rowdy gathering.

While Clementon Park issued statements to say it had closed down the inappropriate party early and that it would never tolerate such behaviour, the damage brought about by the racy footage appears to have been done.

The park said it had hired out the venue in good faith and did not realise the nature of the event.

It spokesman claimed to be "just as appalled" as the residents.

The dancing party was supposedly for charity although the cause they were raising funds for is not clear.

Speaking to NBC, a local resident Courtney Ferris said: "It's explicit and disgusting.

"It's inappropriate and I would never allow my kids to go there."

Sources: Mirror Online, NBC

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