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After 30 years, she finds mum ... who tells her to get lost

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Woman, 63, who ran away from home 30 years ago, turned away by mum at family reunion

She had been waiting for this moment for the last 30 years.

But the happy family reunion Ms Siew Tai Mooi, 63, was hoping for ended as a damp squib.

Her mother, Madam Chan Chin Ho, 83, refused to meet her last Thursday.

She had still not forgiven her for running away from home in 1985, The Star reported.

The reunion was supposed to happen at Madam Chan's house in Bukit Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. Instead, Ms Siew was left standing at the front door of the house.

"You ran away all these years without thinking and caring about how we feel," said Madam Chan, who lives with her sons Hoi Went, 59, and Hoi Yow, 55.

Ms Siew, who left her family in 1985, had sought Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) Public Service and Complaints Department chief Michael Chong's help in tracing her family on Nov 2 after her attempts to search for them failed.


After her story was publicised, her cousin, who wanted to be known only as Ah Ling, came forward with information about her family.

That was when she found out that her father, Mr Siew Siew Meng, had died 10 years ago.

Her other brother, Mr Siew Siew Tak, 65, had also contacted MCA to disclose his address, hoping that they could be reunited.

A meeting with her mother was arranged last Thursday, but the older woman refused to open the door.

The older brother was, however, happy to be reunited with his sister and they met at his house in Selangor.

During this meeting, the brother told her he, too, had run away from home soon after she left.

He said he had been searching for her for the past 30 years.

MCA's Mr Chong said that attempts to contact the two younger brothers were unsuccessful.