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Air New Zealand's Men In Black-themed safety video is a hit

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Air New Zealand has once again reasserted itself as the king of air safety videos.

On Wednesday (Aug 12), it uploaded its latest, and perhaps zaniest one yet on its official YouTube channel. 

Titled Men In Black Safety Defenders, the five-minute long safety (music) video taps on the talent of Australian-New Zealand singer Stan Walker, who provides the vocals for the remix of Will Smith's 1997 hit song Men In Black.

American actor Rip Torn, who played Zed in the first two Men In Black movies, reprises his role in the video. Renowned rugby stars such as Martin Johnson and David Campese also appear briefly as silly-looking extraterrestrial beings which have become associated with the films.

Though it might make some cringe, you have to admit that the safety briefing is cleverly woven into the song's catchy rap verses that you won't be forgetting anytime soon. 



The airline has arguably the best track record when it comes to turning the dull and often dreaded safety videos into Internet hits.

For its Hobbit-themed safety video, The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made, Air NZ turned its crew into wizards, elves, dwarves and of course, hobbits. 

Complete with The Lord of The Rings style music and special guest appearances by the films' director Peter Jackson as well as Elijah Wood (Frodo Baggins), it's a love letter to fans of Middle Earth.



In another safety video released the same year, Air NZ went all out to make sure that its passengers would not take their eyes off their screens.

The airline enlisted the help of Sports Illustrated models — Hannah Davis, Chrissy Teigen and Jessica Gomes, just to name a few — to deliver its safety briefing in their swimsuits.

It's certainly one of the most attention-grabbing ones out there but it may not be the best way to get your message across. Just think about it, how much information will passengers actually retain with so much eye candy in one video?




Air NZ isn't the only airline that's trying to spice up its safety videos. Here are five of the best ones created by other airlines.


Delta Airlines - The Internetest safety video on the Internet



Kudos to Delta Airlines for cramming 22 Internet hits/memes into its six-minute long safety video.

It acknowledges that not everyone will be able to spot every single one of them and has uploaded a list to guide viewers.

Come to think of it, it's actually a pretty smart way of getting people to pay close attention, and maybe even rewatch the safety video until they have identified all 22 Internet hits/memes.


Air France safety demonstration video



Air France's safety "performance" shows that you can look good while doing just about anything. 

It teaches passengers the art of fastening a seatbelt — apparently doing it the right way can enhance your waistline — and how to put on a life jacket gracefully.

By breaking down lengthy instructions into simple, well choreographed steps, Air France has made one of the most effective safety videos out there.


Thomson Airways safety video



And the award for the most adorable safety video goes to Thomson Airways. If this doesn't put a smile on your face, we don't know what will.

You can choose to ignore a safety briefing given by adults but it's incredibly hard to resist watching children try to do the same.

Oh, not forgetting the little ones on board will find the long briefing a lot easier to understand when their peers are the ones doing the talking.



Virgin America Safety Video #VXsafetydance



Virgin America understands that people remember the lyrics to songs that are catchy, so it made a mini musical to teach passengers the basics of air safety.

On an ordinary flight, most passengers tune out the minute the safety video comes on. However, you'll either find yourself bopping your head along to the music or trying to follow the dance moves while watching the video on a Virgin America flight.


Turkish Airlines Safety Film (Featuring Manchester United)



One of the perks of being a football club's sponsor is that you get to cast its players in your commercials or in Turkish Airlines' case, its safety video.

The video was released in 2013 and features Manchester United stars Wayne Rooney and Chris Smalling as well as former players Nani, Darren Fletcher, Fabio da Silva and Rafael da Silva.

Fans of the Red Devils will be glad to see familiar faces but non-United fans are probably the ones who will enjoy this more. Seeing a rival club's players make a fool of themselves — priceless.



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