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Another Chinese Romeo preyed on 15 university students for sex and money

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​He's 41 but lied that he was 28 on Chinese chatting site QQ.

Tian Fusheng, from Hebei, China, with the help of a pseudonym and false credentials then won over 15 university students who became his girlfriends.

Unemployed, he pretended to be a CEO who had Masters degrees from two of China's top universities. 

Guess what?

This "uncle" as Chinese media has called him, is also married, and has an 18-year-old daughter. 

Shanghaiist reported that on Tuesday (June 16), Tian was charged with fraud in a Beijing court for cheating the women of 350,000 yuan ($75, 211).

South China Morning Post, quoting Beijing Times, said that eight of the female university students who fell for the ruse ended up giving Tian their money when he emotionally blackmailed them by making them feel like "bad girlfriends" when they refused him.


He milked their sympathy by lying that he had a dying mum.

Other times, he would tell them that he needed more money to invest in a new business.

He denied the charges by claiming that the women had "voluntarily" given him their money.

Money aside, the 15 students - from universities in Shandong, Hebei and Beijing - also had sex with Tian during visits to a farm house that he rents in Beijing.

One of them became pregnant and Tian apparently refused to pay for her abortion.

One of the women, Ms Ma, told reporters: "He acted like a really caring boyfriend.

"If you were on the bus to see him, he'd call and tell you what bus to get on, where to get off and to be careful." 

Netizens have remarked on similarities between this story and that of the other Chinese Romeo from Hunan who made the news recently for cheating his 17 girlfriends.

Sources: South China Morning Post, Beijing Times and Shanghaiist 

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