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Armed robbery cover-up for Ipoh killing?

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Woman slashed to death by two men in Ipoh

A woman in Ipoh died after her neck was slashed by intruders to her house in what police believed was a staged robbery to cover up the real motive.

The 67-year-old woman, who is believed to be a second wife, was attacked at about 7.30pm on Friday, Taiping police chief Superintendent Harith Kam Abdullah said. There were indications that a family dispute could have led to the killing.

The woman was with her husband, who has the title Datuk, at their home in Taman Lake View, Taiping.

Supt Harith Kam said the couple had just finished their prayers when a 78-year-old female relative and her 57-year-old male worker visited, The Star reported.

"Two other men wearing a visor and a helmet suddenly appeared from behind the guests.

"They rushed into the house holding a parang," he told reporters at the Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital mortuary on Saturday.

Supt Harith Kam said one of the two men tied up the 82-year-old husband using a scarf and threatened the male worker by holding a knife at his throat.


"The second man took the victim into the bedroom. Both men fled the scene later."

When the male worker went into the room to check on the woman, he found her body lying in a pool of blood, he said.

Police found jewellery strewn across the floor.

But Supt Harith Kam said no valuables were taken, and the attack may have been made to look like a robbery as a cover-up.

Asked about the 78-year-old female guest during the time when the husband and male worker were threatened, he said "she was just there".

"We recovered a short knife of about 15cm outside the house. We believe it could be the murder weapon," he said.

After talking to the 82-year-old Datuk, police found the incident could be a result of a family conflict.

He said the two guests have been detained to assist in the investigation.

At the mortuary, the victim's husband, who declined to be named, was emotional and asked for privacy.

"What happened is according to God's will. Let Him judge and punish those who are responsible for this," he said gently.

It is understood that the couple had been married for 36 years.