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Attack of car clones

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Chinese automakers are introducing fast cars that look like clones of luxury models.

There's the Youxia X electric super sedan which was unveiled in China in July and set to compete against the upcoming Tesla Model 3.

Shanghai-based company Youxia Motors is scheduled to begin production in late 2016, said.

The start-up's version is likely to cost from 200,000 yuan (about S$43,700) upwards. 

The price includes a 90,000 yuan green car subsidy from the Chinese government.

The interior looks like Tesla's model, right down to the touchscreen, said.

The version from Youxia Motors. PHOTO: YOUXIA MOTORS.COM 


Reactions were mixed, as seen from a tweet like this.


The Thunder Power EV from Taiwan is another model that strongly resembles Tesla's design.

The electric sedan is the electronics company's first foray into the car market.

Thunder Power is aiming to make it to the European market in 2017, the Chinese market by 2018 and the United States after that, gizmag said.

It is likely to be priced at about 400,000 yuan.


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