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Baby dumped in washing machine

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Farmer hears cries, finds newborn with umbilical cord attached

Police have arrested a 38-year-old woman who is believed to have put her newborn baby in the washing machine of a house in Yan, in the Malaysian state of Kedah.

Yan District Police Chief Deputy Superintendent Police (DSP) Muhamad Halim Yatim said that the woman had admitted to having given birth to the baby girl in the bathroom of the house.

She then left the baby in the washing machine, The Star reported.

The woman is being remanded in order for a DNA test to be carried out.

Mr Zainol Hamid, 71, a padi farmer, was watching football in his house and had to use the bathroom. He had a shock when he found the newborn girl inside the washing machine.

He told The Star: "I went to the bathroom behind my room and suddenly, I heard a baby crying.

"I checked around and traced the cry to the washing machine. When I looked into the tub of the washing machine, I saw the baby, with the umbilical cord still attached, inside."

Mr Zainol said someone could have entered his house through the back door, which was not locked.

He said: "The front door of my house was locked, but I only lock the back door when I go to bed."

He left the baby inside the machine and informed his nephew.

"My nephew lodged a police report on the incident and the baby was taken to hospital," he said.