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Balloon near stove explodes, burns girl

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A three-year-old girl in Malaysia was seriously injured when a helium balloon burst into flames in her face.

Nuur Aini Syakila Abdul Kadir was badly burned on her face and head when the balloon she was playing with burst into flames at her home in Kuala Terengganu, reported the New Straits Times.

Her mother, Madam Mariah Mat Midin, 29, said she had bought the balloon at a pasar malam nearby.

She was in the kitchen when Nuur came in and complained that the balloon had a leak.

"Before I could react, my younger child grabbed the balloon and ran towards the burning stove.

"That was when an explosion took place and Nuur, who was closest to the balloon, suffered the burns," said Madam Mariah.

Nuur's face and hair were on fire and Madam Mariah smothered the flames with her bare hands. She called her neighbours for help and they took Nuur to a hospital.