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Beached great white rescued and 4 other awesome shark vids

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Discovery Channel's Shark Week might have come to a close, but that doesn't mean the shark action has to end.

The US has Sharknado 3 to look forward to tonight. (More on that below)

There have been a number of recent real-life incidents with the sleek aquatic predators.

Last week, beachgoers got up close with a great white shark after a juvenile beached itself in the Cape Cod area of Chatham, Massachusetts.

According to a YouTuber who recorded the incident, the predator accidentally wound up beached on dry land trying to hunt for seagulls.

However, the troubled fish lived to swim (and kill) another day thanks to the efforts of bystanders who helped throw water on it before officials towed it back into the water.



Well done, guys.

In the spirit of Shark Week, here are a few more awesome great white videos that have taken the Internet by storm in recent years.




You must be either extremely confident in your ability to read sharks or absolutely out of your mind if you're willing to get so close to not one, but two great white sharks. And to do it on a paddle board without any sort of protection would seem to add an extra level of madness.

It certainly adds an incredible level of tension watching the video.

YouTuber Courtney Hemerick's amazing footage of himself and a friend paddling in the waters off the California coast just inches away from a pair of young great whites went viral in June, racking up more than 2.6 million views.

Sharks have been known to attack surfers because the profile they present in the water resembles  from below – that of a tasty seal. So Hemerick must have been lucky (really lucky) to have caught the juveniles after a feed.

Or maybe the sharks were just terrified that a human could be this barmy to get up close to them.




Never mind the flak that Discovery has taken in recent years over the accuracy of their Shark Week films – this snippet from Island of the Mega Shark is simply stunning.

The sheer mass of the shark in the video is enough to inspire awe in anyone and proves that size really does matter.




Sharks might have an overly sensationalised reputation for being perma-aggressive. They are not evil creatures. But it should always be remembered that they are the oceans' perfect predators.

If anything, this video showcases the sheer terror of being attacked by a hungry great white shark.

Just a glimpse of those pearly whites trying to get at you should make anyone in that metal cage doubt how safe it really is.


4) Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!

Yes, it's back. Today the US gets to feast its eyes on one of the greatest franchises that marries desperate d-listers, extreme weather and sharks. Okay, it is the only franchise top do that.

Sharknado 3 premieres tonight and stars Beverly Hills 90210 Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, David Hasselhoff (of course) and Frankie Muniz to name a few.

This is packed with cameos...and sharks. Lots and lots of sharks. And willful silliness.

As the trailer says: Three times the shark! Three times the nado!

The plot – as much as these films need a plot – is something along the lines of lots of sharknados hit the US east coast.






Source: YouTube

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