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This boy can use the toilet, thanks to Botox injections

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Mention Botox and one would almost immediately think of cosmetic surgery.

But for one little boy, Botox injections are helping him live a more normal life by allowing him to use the toilet.

Tarun Chungh, 4, has leukaemia and Noonan syndrome, a genetic disorder which prevents normal development.

He cannot digest food or go to the toilet properly, and often has constipation, reported The Mirror.

Because of this, the UK boy cannot eat and has to be hooked up to a feeding pump.

The Botox, which is injected into Tarun’s buttocks, helps contract the muscles and aids in bowel movement, the UK daily reported.


Tarun cannot take a shower or go swimming. He is unable to run around with his twin brother Kian or seven-year-old sister Tia.

But even then, Tarun is "never without a smile", said his mother Tracey Burrows​.

She said: "Tarun is my little miracle. He’s spent most of his life in hospital, but he’s always got a cheeky grin on his face."

She added: "He’s got so many medical problems, but his spirit keeps us all going."


Tarun has had nine operations so far.

His parents hope the Botox injections will reduce the number of operations he will need.

Said Mrs Burrows: "We’re currently trying to get the dosage just right, but it seems to be working, and it means he doesn’t have to have an invasive operation – just a little injection."

Mrs Burrows has set up a page on online fundraising platform JustGiving for her son. The money raised will go to charity Tree Of Hope.

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