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Boy, four, killed as pitbpulls grab him from mother's arm

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Four pitbulls ripped a four-year-old boy from his mother's arm and mauled him to death.

Ms Lucillie Strickland, from Detroit, Michigan, was walking with her son, Xavier, to volunteer at a nearby school on Thursday (Dec 3)  when the dogs crawled out from underneath a fence and attacked him.

Ms Strickland said she fell on her son to protect him but the dogs still managed to pull him back under the fence.

She said: "They were so strong. They just snatched him."

She watched helplessly as the dogs attacked her son.

She said: "That will never leave my eyes. Never leave my mind."

Dogs shot

When the police arrived, they were forced to shoot three of the animals to stop the attack.

Police chief James Craig said: "The mother tried to fight the dogs off.

"What's telling in this scenario is the viciousness of these animals, the fact they removed this child from the mother's grasp."

This was not the first time that Ms Strickland had encountered the pit bulls.

They had attacked and bit her nine-year-old daughter last month.

She sustained scratches in that incident.

No action

After her daughter was attacked, Ms Strickland reported the incident to the police but her brother-in-law, Mr Ramone Cage, alleged that they did not take any action.

He said: "The owner should serve jail time. We can never get my nephew back.

"This is a mother whose child was torn like a rag doll."

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