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Edison Chen lambasted Lin Chi-ling on his Sina Weibo

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Edison Chen insults Lin Chi-Ling


Looks like the passage of time has not helped Hong Kong singer-actor Edison Chen mature - he is still the angry little boy who wears his heart on his sleeve.

On Wednesday night, the 35-year-old, who is infamous for his 2008 sex photos scandal, lambasted Taiwanese model-actress Lin Chi-ling on his Sina Weibo account.

Chen unleashed his anger on Lin, 41, calling her a "b****", describing her as "ugly", and saying she "smells like s***".

He continued in English: "I warned you that you won't like me when I'm angry."

He subsequently deleted the post, but later posted two new messages.

The first, in Chinese, read: "Why did I scold her? She knows why, I've already warned her.

"You should ask her! Thank you for co-operating! You may say I'm wrong, but I think she erred even more."

As shocked netizens blasted him for being "ungentlemanly", "ill-mannered" and "vulgar", Chen posted another message: "In the end, all truths reveal themselves. If you do not like me, don't follow me!"

When contacted by Taiwanese media outlet ETToday, Lin's personal assistant replied: "(She) has seen the news. She is baffled and stunned by Mr Chen's actions, as the two of them do not know each other at all.

"Chi-ling doesn't know why he scolded her. Maybe there is some misunderstanding.

"She hasn't worked with him before. Recently, she has been extremely busy with filming."

Fans of both stars speculated over the reason for Chen's fury.

According to Taiwan's China Times, it is rumoured that there is bad blood between Lin and Chen's current girlfriend, 26-year-old Chinese model Qin Shu Pei.

Lin, Qin and Qin's fellow model pal, He Sui, were said to have gone on the same TV show together, but Lin "snatched resources from Qin and He".

Thus, Chen scolded Lin online "to stand up for his girlfriend", reported China Times. - Tan Kee Yun

Netflix spends $162m on South Bronx musical drama

Australian director Baz Luhrmann's first TV series has made history as Netflix's most expensive project to date.

The Get Down, a musical drama about a group of teenagers growing up amid the violence of South Bronx, cost at least US$120 million (S$162 million) to produce, with each episode costing about US$7.5 million.

The complex dance and music numbers, efforts to obtain rights to music tracks, and slow production pace contributed to the high cost.

Anti-gun Lee Daniels shows support for Hillary Clinton

US director-producer Lee Daniels spoke out against gun violence at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on Wednesday.

The 56-year-old went on stage and said: "My father was a police officer, shot and murdered right here in Philadelphia when I was 15. That's the America I know, and still I rise."

On Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's support for the families of victims of gun violence, Daniels said: "There's only one candidate willing to take on the gun lobby and keep our families safe."

"I'd never let anyone get inside me with a knife. I'd get a funeral yacht, sail off to Cannes and party myself to death rather than have an operation."

- US singer Iggy Pop on fearing surgery

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