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Girl, 7, rescued from horror house filled with trash, faeces and pests

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Piles of trash, clothes and toys were all over the floor and there was hardly any room to go in and out.

The home in the US state of Massachusetts was in such a horrific condition that flies lingered around the rubbish and there were animal faeces on the floor.

When the police reached the home following an anonymous tip-off, there were shocked to find a seven-year-old girl amid the filth.

She has been put in the care of child services.

The girl's mother, Kristen D. Paquette, 32, and grandmother, Debra A. Paquette, 54, have been charged with reckless child endangerment.

Apart from the three, there was an 84-year-old woman living in the house.

Photographs provided by the Newburyport Police Department showed exposed bedsprings, damaged walls, a sink overflowing with rubbish and rooms so cluttered with broken toys and books they were practically impassable, The Boston Globe reported.

Sergeant Matthew Simons said those images "are worth a thousand words".

"The kitchen was probably the worst. Absolutely horrendous conditions," Mr Kevin Martin of the Newburyport Police Department told My Fox Boston.

Authorities said that the practice of hoarding by the residents of the house was a problem.

The health authorities have decided to condemn the unit.

Neighbours said they never saw the child outside and one added: "I'm not even sure she got to go to school."

Said a police officer: "From a human being standpoint, it just baffled me as to why anyone would allow a child of that age to be living under those conditions."

A neighbour told The Boston Globe that about 10 years ago, he noticed more than two dozen cats living in a car parked in the driveway of the house.

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