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Google is now Alphabet ... and everyone's making jokes

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Google is now part of Alphabet.

No, we don't mean that Google's gotten so famous it's literally become one of the English alphabet's 26 letters. 

In a post on Monday (Aug 10), Google co-founder Larry Page said the tech giant is now part of a new holding company, Alphabet.

Google will be Alphabet's largest entity, but the new company will take on much of the other products that Google's been diversifying with over the years. 

This newer Google is a bit slimmed down, with the companies that are pretty far afield of our main internet products contained in Alphabet instead. - Google co-founder Larry Page

What are some of the companies under Alphabet?

The list includes Life Sciences, a company focused on healthcare innovations, and Google's investment arms, Google Ventures and Google Capital. 

It also includes ideas incubator Google X, the firm that is testing out drone-based delivery systems (below). 

How does this news impact you, the everyday Googler and YouTuber? 

Not much.

Searching for things on the Internet is still "a quick Google", not "an Alphabet" (and never "a Bing" .. sorry Microsoft!).

YouTube is still your best source to watch cat videos.

And browsing privately on Chrome is still as easy as pressing the button Ctrl + Shift + N (you're welcome!). 

So how did people react on the interwebs?

As expected, alphabet-based puns popped up after the announcement.







Sesame Street had the last laugh by reminding everyone who taught, well, everyone the alphabet.



Who are we to argue with Big Bird and co?