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Hate at first sight: Duo quarrel over 'misleading' online photos of each other

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He looked nothing like his online photos. She looked nothing like hers.

So when they met for the first time, they were shocked by each other's appearance.

Unfortunately, neither took the "deception" well.

The man and woman got into a heated argument in public, each loudly exclaiming to have been misled.

A passer-by filmed their exchange, which took place in a city in China, and posted it on social media.

The minute-long clip starts with the woman pushing the man around.

She shouts: "So what if I hit you. Look at your own appearance. You are accusing me?"

The man walks up to passers-by and shows them photos of her on his mobile phone.

He proclaims: "Look at this. I arranged to meet up with an online friend. Look at her appearance, then look at these photos."

The woman interjects: "Look, isn't that person me? Isn't that person me? You lied about your appearance and came out looking like that."

The man tells the woman: "Don't think I won't hit you because you are a girl."

She replies: "You are a rotten b******."

The man then turns his anger on the man filming the video, hitting him twice.

The woman launches an attack on the man using her bag.

He pushes her aside and she lands on the ground.

He then turns and walks off.

The woman leaves in the opposite direction, but not before shouting at passers-by: "What are you all looking at? You all didn't even help."

Watch the video below:

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