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He flushes dead wife’s remains down the toilet

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A Japanese man tried to flush the ashes of his dead wife down a Tokyo supermarket toilet, local media reported on Sunday.

Why? Because he hated her.

The 68-year-old man had felt growing resentment towards his spouse over the years of their unhappy marriage.

He said:

"I had hatred mounting against her. Life was such a pain before she died."

The man told police he dumped his wife’s ashes into a toilet bowl at a supermarket immediately after she was cremated last month.

Police were alerted after the ashes and bone fragments, including a human chin, were discovered. 

But the authorities were at a loss to explain them until the man turned himself in.

His wife had died at the age of 64, following an illness.

Prosecutors are now considering whether to lay charges of abandoning a human body, as ashes can only be scattered in approved locations, a police spokesman told AFP.

Source: AFP