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He makes millions by tipping off customs department

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It pays to become an informant.

The man, known only as Sani, is in his ‘40s and are among many in Malaysia who lead a lavish lifestyle by becoming a snitch, Harian Metro reported.

“I once received a RM78,000 (S$27,000) reward for an assignment on an alcohol and cigarette smuggling case,” he was quoted as saying.

That, he said, was the largest reward he has received in his 19 years as an informant, The Star Online reported.

He claimed: “Throughout the years, I have made millions of ringgit from this line of work.”

He also provides information on luxury car smuggling.

Smuggling syndicate

He said he began by giving information on a smuggling syndicate in 1999.

After the customs department busted the syndicate based on his information, he was rewarded with RM8,000, he said.

That was the turning point for Mr Sani and as he went along, he recruited four more “watchdogs” to help him.

He admits that there are risks involved.

He said: “I know it is dangerous, but money is not the only motivation. We are proud that we are contri­buting to the crime-fighting effort.”

Source: Harian Metro, Star Online