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He stabs nightclub doorman over 'bad drink'

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A US man was sentenced on Friday (May 22) to 28 years and four months in jail for stabbing a nightclub doorman.

Jovan Felix, 36, was angry over being served a botched drink while at the club Level Up in Sacramento, California.

He was also unhappy with the bartenders' service, reported Sky News.

Felix rejected the club's offer of a new drink several times and finally left the place with the threat: "This is how places get burned up."

It was not stated what was wrong with the drink or why he was displeased with it.

Stabbed, hospitalized

Felix returned a while later at 2am on Aug 17, 2013, with his friend Cornelius Jones, The Sacramento Bee reported.

The duo attacked two bartenders and a doorman who were leaving the club before fleeing the scene.

The doorman suffered the most serious injury: He was stabbed in the abdomen and had to be hospitalised for three weeks.

Judge Robert Twiss said: "They’ve done nothing to him except serve him a bad drink."

Sent to prison

Felix was found guilty of assault with a deadly weapon and assault causing great bodily injury. 

He was jailed for 28 years and four months.

Jones, also 36, was convicted last month of attempted murder and is serving 36 years to life.

The Sacramento Bee reported that both men have a history of committing violent crimes.

Jones had stabbed a person multiple times in 2001, while Felix had shot a man in the back in 1999. They had paired up in an armed robbery in 1994.

Sources: Sky News, The Sacramento Bee

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