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Husband and wife face off in election

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In the US city of Bremerton, Washington two candidates are running for a seat on the city council.

The incumbent Roy Runyon has held the seat for six years.

One of his achievements, he says, is legalising chickens in the city. That means city dwellers are now allowed to have four chickens.

He found out this week that his opponent is in fact his wife, Kim Faulkner.

So far, things are still cordial between the two. They are still married and living together.

But Faulkner's reason for standing could cause a divide.

She told KING-5: "I just sat down and said I think the city of Bremerton, District 6, needs more qualified people to run for office."

This was during a filmed interview while she sat next to her husband in a coffee shop.

Runyon appears to be supportive, going so far  as to extol the reasons she is qualified for the job, and her expertise in the private and public sector.  

When first told of his wife's intention to run he said he was surprised.

"I said, 'Boy, you could do a really good job."

Runyon told local press that it is important for voters to have choices.

Faulkner said she gives her husband a grade of A- though she also said: "I feel Bremerton has a lot more we need to do." 

She added: "I feel I'd be the better candidate."

The question of what will happen should the other half win, Faulkner said with hesitance:"I'll  congratulate him. Life will go on."

Runyons answer? A passive "I'll be relieved".

When asked what their marriage is like, Runyon joked:"Up until now, it's been good."

There is one other contender in the race. He is not related to either Faulkner or Runyon.

Source: King-5


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