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The latest must have in China? Bottled air

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We give you 5 other places where you can buy bottled aiir

People in China are snapping up bottles of crisp mountain air from Canada.

Mind you, it is not just any air, but bottled air from a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Canadian company Vitality Air is doing a roaring business in China.


Their first shipment of 500 bottles have already been shipped with another 4,000 bottles ready for delivery, reported Fortune Magazine.

Laugh all you want, but considering that people in 10 Chinese cities were warned to stay indoors because of toxic pollution levels, you can understand why there is a demand for such a product in China.

From Vitality Air's Website, you can purchase two types, or flavours, of air – Banff and Lake Louise.

Both flavours are named after places located in Banff National Park, where the air was bottled

A 3 litre bottle of Banff and Lake Louise will cost CA$20 (S$20.31) without shipping.

You get up to 80 one-second breaths from the product.

But what if you want some variety?

Don't fret, here are some other places where you can get your bottled air.

1) Wales in a Bottle

A bottle of premium Welsh air. PHOTO: FACEBOOK SCREENGRAB/

The company Wales in a bottle sells bottled air which they say gives customers a whiff of Wales.

According to their website, the product is targeted at Welsh expats who want a reminder of their homeland.

The air is apparently bottled in the Welsh national parks of Brecon Beacon and Snowdon

For £20 (S$41), you get a certificate of authenticity, a "luxurious" case and, of course, a bottle of the finest Welsh air.

2) Your Chosen Air

Britain seems to be fertile ground for the business of bottled air.

Another British company, Your Chosen Air, also sells bottled air.

Their air is bottled from various parts of Shropshire, England and also the Black Mountains in Wales. 

For £29.99, you get 500ml of pure British air.

3) Boost Oxygen


For the athlete among us, Boost Oxygen promises to improve your performances with every inhale.

It is basically a can of 95 per cent pure oxygen that you can breathe in.

You can either purchase the 2 litre can or 6 litre can.

The 2 litre can will give 50 inhalations and the 6 litre can will give you 150 inhalations.

If normal air is to boring for you, it comes in different smells as well.

There's peppermint, pink grapefruit or menthol-eucalyptus.

A bottle of the 2 litre version costs US$9.99 (S$14) while the 6 litre one costs US$14.99.

4) Original canned air from Singapore

Photo: Screengrab/

We've wrote about this before and the Czech based artist Coorperativ is still selling air collected from the various parts of our island.

Since we last wrote about it, the price has increase from S$13.43 without shipping, to S$14.41without shipping.

Who knew air could appreciate in value?

Here are the ingredients for this can of Singaporean air.

25% Botanic Gardens
10% Chinatown
10% Little India
20% Central Business District
15% The Singapore Flyer
10% Merlion
10% Marina Bay Sands SkyPark  - See more at:

25% Botanic Gardens
10% Chinatown
10% Little India
20% Central Business District
15% The Singapore Flyer
10% Merlion
10% Marina Bay Sands SkyPark

5) Compressed Air



Using this might not evoke memories of Wales or improve your athletic performance, but it will clean dust from your electronic equipment.

Source: Fortune Magazine, AsiaOne, Twitter, YouTube

World Health Organisation's recommended maximum exposure of 25 over a 24-hour period. - See more at:
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